Monday, February 1, 2010

Courier: Microsoft's warrior which can make iPAD sweat .

let me begin with saying that i am a staunch Apple Inc supporter and not impressed by behemoths like Microsoft , so when iPAD came i had my own reasons to cheer up, but may be for the first time (at least for me) i see Microsoft has got something on their hand which has left me HIGH and wanting , and trust me only Microsoft product i have ever like is Zune music player (software). BUT BUT BUT

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THIS is what Courier looks like , just like your other notebook but totally digital , split screen baby with stylus  interface , if you have had a look at the video you will fairly understand why i Love it and why i think that it has the potential to change the way we work ,

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Using multi-touch, objects (like addresses) can be moved back and forth between the two screens, while a stylus pen lets you jot down notes and keep various journals.
There’s a “home” button, much like iPhone, that lets you get back to the device’s applications, or set a journal as the device’s homepage.
 there’s also a camera on the back cover of the device.
Essentially, what we’re looking at is an Internet connected, touch screen device that takes the form of a traditional notebook. And looking at the presentation, that interface makes a lot of sense, as objects from one side of the device are moved easily to the other, almost like the note-taking type applications we’ve grown familiar with on the Web, but on a tablet-like computer.
THOUGH both APPLE and MICROSOFT are known to mess up wid first gen product , I still see a new war between these two legends quiet eminent on the horizon , maybe its already time for APPLE to spruce iPAD .

as from my side - MAY THE BEST DEVICE WIN..

P.S.- special thanks to Sanchita sogani for enlightening me to courier.
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