Friday, September 16, 2011

Time travels of Faceless Men!

Often than not being in one of the country's most populated city I find myself amongst strangers. I see my self in  a crowd of people whom I do not know, whom i might never see again and most whom i will never even remember.

Yet when I look at all of these people these faceless men I see a story, I see happiness and despair, I see success and failures, I see anger and friendship. A whole platter of human emotion is right there in front of you, just for you to notice , understand and wonder about life.

I often read and saw other writers version of time machine, for me this is time travel. I see a young college kid and travel back in time, some years back when I was new to my college and memories come flooding, I see a happy couple (very rare to spot the "happy" ones) and I go back to the part of my life, when I shared it happily with someone. I see this business executive around 30 busy on his phone and I begin to wonder will this be me. When I am done observing everyone else, my mind zooms out of this crowd around me and I see my ownself from some distance in this crowd.

Every face has an emotion.
Every eye hides a dream.
Every person has a story...

I look at all these people and then I look inside and try to find my ownself!


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