Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Balance of Life

It’s intriguing how balance of life works.
To be franks its horrible at times really horrible.
It gets down right disgusting and pathetic.
You say one word wrong
Or you do one thing wrong
Even if you have done everything else right
It messes up and messes up big time ….
So why do we still live , why do we continue
Why don’t we end and be at peace …
Im not talking about people who don’t end it just coz
They are scared, no offense but they are lesser humans to me.
Well to say this is where the balance kicks in …
Balance in life is funny thing.. it happens when
Despite all the shit that uve created
You do one right thing or u say one right word  
And BOOM things look good world again becomes a pleasant place.
Obvious lesson here is “persistence”
Other times you don’t know but unknowingly
Your actions do bad or do amazingly good to others.
What I will do will affect someone else in some way or the other.
Its like whole world every human is connected down right.
(guess subprime crisis validates the theory ) .
So what do you do .. just step out live your life
Look at things see the story behind them
Just live your life .. and let
The balance kick in .
Coz at the end of the day everyone’s life is a
Zero sum game .. only things that matter is
When you look back..What do you remember?
The bad or The good..
Decision is yours..Coz after all its your life .. !!


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