Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bigger or Smaller

Every decision we make, every encounter we have... we get a choice.
Are we opening doors or closing them?
It's so tempting to shut people down, to limit the upside, to
ostracize, select and demonize. It makes things a lot simpler. Not
seeing means you don't have to take action. Not opening means it's
easier to announce that you're done. And not raising the bar means
you're less likely to fail.
Just about all the things we treasure in our world were built by
people who were intent on making things bigger, enabling things to be
better, opening doors for us to achieve. The line between a realist
and a optimist is hard to draw. And both might be self-fulfilling.
[Please don't confuse this with the issue of focus. Focus involves
eliminating options until you have so few moving parts that work
actually gets done. You can be focused but still think bigger.]


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