Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just Don't Listen

Why is it that some people just don't listen.
No matter how hard you try they just won't.
You try to help them out and help them cheap.
But yet they won't listen.
So I'm tired of trying to help people like that.
I'm tired of tossing in my own hat.
Trying to help out, trying to show that I care.
I can't help but just ignore them when they ask.
I just want to scream at them when they do.
I just want to show them that they need to just shut up and listen.
When they claim that I'm too fucking pig headed an always want my way.
Stand back an take a look at the one who is saying it.
I just don't understand anymore.
So if you choose not to listen then I choose not to suggest.
Since no matter what I won't get the anger off my chest.


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