Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A soulful of Death

I write down this for two people
Both of whom have different reason to inspire me .
Walking down the marine drive ,
I just couldn’t help wonder how Death is ,
What death is and why death is .

When i looked far into the sea
Staring right at that infinite black expanse ...
Is what death is ... infinite vast , black ,dark
Abyss.  ... is it all consuming darkness consuming forever.
Just no way out!

When i looked at shore .. i saw waves.
Hitting the shore with all the might
And then returning back , taking everything with them .
So is that what death is ?
It comes at times visible and at times not .
Hits you with all the might ,
break you and then take you back with itself.
Hardly a way out !!

Running down the alley i dashed into a wall...
And i thought is that what death is like..
Is it like the dark infinitely long and tall wall .
The impoundable mass of unknown ..
You will never see the other side until they let you in .
And then you just never come back.
Its the darkness its the finality its the unknown That define death ....

But then ..  “if death is just the break between the two acts on stage , would you finish first one quickly to comeback for second one , or just enjoy the first one “



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