Saturday, June 12, 2010

rain struck city
summer struck city ,
wasn't so pretty.
yes the grand fort of dreams
some fulfilled others
yet working overtime ,were drenched in sweat
and irritation was a logical fate.
yes the summer truck city
wasn't so pretty :Mumbai

and then the legions of dark cloud came ,
oh yes they came .
they came and sent a jolt of joy in hearts .
but alas .
they stood their ground
like the mock dumb warriors.

i gave a cry "dont just leave us high and dry "
and after few or a lot of round of abuses

one of them took looked offended .
he sneaked and opened itself beyond midnight .
other took his clue and came down jostling not just with dew.

and then it rained , it rained so mighty that
joy finally took over me again .

oh , rain struck city u look so beautiful.
you look so beautiful.

its just not my opinion , all hail thee "the rain gods"
all friends and foes alike .

greens and rains hold the sight
its just became more beautiful through the night .

though i miss few ,
but i rejoice the new.
thats the thing with rains
they  give you joy and pain .

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  1. I hope you will keep on submitting new articles or blog posts & thank you for sharing your great experience with us.