Monday, January 18, 2010

global warming is here to stay
we thought global warming is just some fad , just some stupid nosies made by those good for nothing activists , well then click on the link below.

hey guys picture in the link are directly form NASA's website , if u have taken the pain to go through the link u will realize how such huge mass of ice just broke n dissolved itself in sea just within 24 hours yes 24 HOURS..
our problem is that we do not realize how bad it can get "IT WONT HAPPEN TO ME" attitude blinds our vision

what we need to understand is nature has given us enough warnings , and may be next act will not be just a warning ( bless the souls of Haiti disaster) , it really is time to wake up and take action , dont do something very big do small things everyday and that will be enough to avert the eminent peril.
every small step such as turning engine off at red lights or avoiding plastic bags can lead to a big change .

soon we will run out of natural gas, oil etc what will happen forget about the time when they finish think of the time when they will become so scarce that their price will be 100 times of what it is now ( not a comforting thought , is it?)

all i am asking from everyone who reads are just two actions-

a) make small tweaks in ur lifestyle , to protect nature and it will go long way.

b) educate about dangers and steps to other , one who dont knw tell them , one who dont believe - convince them .



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