Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MET Valley

On the third floor of MET Valley,
In the brightly lit alley.
Theres a class room which goes by the name of T-15
It's the dark room where we all have been.
come enter our world.
no we are not a cult.

Khyati is trying to pay attention
though her face still reflects old tension.
Sukriti is too artistic , and is ritting names
think for her we should buy some frames
Tanvi is completely indulged in lecture
but if u mess wid her you are in for a fracture
Jatin is just looking here and there
he can do with tons of food and beer.
I am also there , but still searching exactly where ?
Some of us are not here, but thats just life.

stare out of window and smile
hope we all go together for miles.


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