Friday, October 30, 2009

New life, New sight..

When is a coincidence just a coincidence though? and when if at all, should be seen as something more. At a time like this ?

When I am lost and desperate , grieving for the lost people and relationships and tending my wounds.

This I have found , is the time when what was once clear has instead become cloudy, and what was once considered bizarre has now become a possibility.
It is during troubled times like this that people see straight,though others watch with concern and try to convince you that you have lost it. Weighted minds are just so because of all of their new thoughts.
When those who have passed through their troubles and have come out on the other side suddenly embrace their new belief wholeheartedly ,it is viewed with cynicism by others.WHY?
Because wen you're in trouble you look harder for answers than those who aren't, and its those answers that help us through.


  1. u miss a lot of S.. in the is.... lolzz... well head...